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SEO Services

We provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to the site which can accomplish high rankings in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. If our client wants to expand his online business,these services are a must.It is almost compulsory for all big and small online businesses to make use of internet marketing services which costs less for companies.SEO services are vital to any online business.Our Company provides services which can be helpful in Search Engine Marketing which helps in the strategies which can empower online business perspective.

Web Analysis

Sreeons provides effective services such as website analysis and reporting services. The analysis of website is an important process which is directly linked to sales and website marketing strategies. If the online marketing needs to be successful ,it is important to check the basic components of the website are placed in correct format and functionality. Our Analysts checks whether our client's website is solid or not before driving more business to the site. Our team of professionals analyze the website meticulously and prepares the report. Based on this report we plan a strategy to bring in more customers.

Get Website Analysis Services from India at Competitive Rates

We provide web analysis service which will provide the details of the website. The report provides details  regarding the optimization of sites in search engine, user friendly or not .Our web analysis service provides perfect search engine optimization strategy to boost our client's business.
A comprehensive review of website traffic and an effective strategy is developed developed on basis of report  to convert  visitors into potential customers. Analysis service is provided depending on the size and nature of site.

Our Search Engine Optimization related services include:

  1. Pay Per Click Management
  2. Web Analytics Reporting & Suggestions
  3. Portal Marketing
  4. Blog Marketing

Keyword Research

High Impact Keywords That Deliver Traffic

Sreeons offers intensive analysis of keywords that can propel SEO campaign. The research regarding Keywords can be critical and can be key to a successful campaign of SEO. The analysis regarding keyword helps us to decide which keyword and phrase should be targeted. This analysis is designed to identify the targeted relevant keyword that would guarantee potential users being targeted to specific pages that would matter to them.

Keyword Analysis is The Best Proven Strategy of SEO

The SEO keyword analysts are very crucial in increasing the traffic to the site which in turn advances the business growth .Our team of experienced SEO analysts has expertise in keyword analysis and uses best technologies to help our client's business ahead of competitors using disciplined and instinctive approach. Our company offers services such as Search Engine Optimization Services and Internet marketing solutions.Our team of SEO professionals ensure our client's website to be in top 5 ranks in Search engines like Google,Yahoo and Bing etc.Our processes are in compliance with Google SEO techniques which are followed strictly.

Increasing of site's relevance is a marketing strategy on how search algorithms work and pages people search for.The efforts involve a site's coding , presentation and structure as well as fixing problems that prevents search engine indexing programs to run all over the site.

Our strategies and tactics regarding SEO needs to be an initial consideration. Getting SEO traffic is easy if we consider all the requirements of search engine .Making Client's website search engine friendly earns chunks of income. The best strategy for online marketing is SEO.SEO brings good traffic to the site. It ascertains client's web presence and is helpful to the prospects who are looking for the products and services provided by the client.

SEO Prices: We have 3 SEO Packages with reasonable prices.

For Optimizing a website we follow below methods

  1. On page Optimization
  2. Off Page Optimization.

1. On Page Optimization:

In On page Optimization, we will check Content, Keywords, title, meta tags, alt tags, header tags, anchor text, internal link structure, html site map, robots.txt, and xml sitemap.
Content: content should be unique and related to services.
Keywords: keyword density, keyword frequency, keyword search volume (different keywords for each page).
Title: In the title, we will write with combination of keywords(different title for each page).
Meta Tags: meta description, meta keywords and etc (different for each page).
Alt tags: this tag for images, images need to optimize with alt tags.
Anchor Text: Internal links optimized with Keywords.
Internal links: Navigation from one page to another page without any confusion.
HTML Site Map: In this page we should provide all pages links. This is the site map for visitors available on the website.
XML Sitemap: Generate XML Site map and submit to Google webmaster tools. xml sitemap will down load frequently and submit to Google robots.

2. Off page Optimization: -

Directory Submission

  • Link Exchange
  • Article Submission
  • Press Release
  • Forum posting
  • Social Bookmarking Submission.

To Optimize a website we need to follow both techniques, to keep website keyword ranks in top.
Website Regular update is most important, search engine robots check for file modified date.

Keep a blog in the site, post weekly one article minimum, and this will help to keep website ranks in top.

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